Friday, June 12, 2009

Koj of Tellos

I need to read this book, I really dig the design of it's characters. I'm a sucker for anthropomorphism and a big dude with the head of a tiger and a big sword is just magnificent. I took suggestions on Twitter for characters to draw to have at the table for Heroes Con. David A. Price, podcaster extraordinaire, made this brilliant suggestion.


Alan said...

Right ON! That David, I tell you--he has his moments. And dude, so do you. You captured the Weiringo scale and size beautifully, yet you keep your own. I just know this would make him proud and LOTS of his friends down there are going to appreciate it as well!

Good on ya, man.

DBM said...

Love it; and I've figured out what I want from you @ the Chicago comic-con as well.

DaveWachter said...

Thanks, guys! This is some of the most fun I've had with these. I wasn't aware that Heroes was Ringo's hometown show until it was mentioned on twitter. I absolutely love the character design, which made it that much easier and more rewarding when finished. I've loved drawing big cats since I was a kid.