Friday, January 30, 2009

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here, out now!

Here's the official press release. Read this, then buy the book!

Terminal Press' Johnny Wadd brings kick-ass crime drama, handle-bar mustaches to comic books

Long Beach, NY -- January 28, 2009 – The infamous 70's film classic "Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here," from Arrow Productions, is the latest to undergo the "HARD/CORE" treatment, in Terminal Press' line of limited-run comic books doing artistic takes on iconic adult cinema.

"Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here" takes the cult classic Johnny Wadd character made famous by John Holmes and transports him into a gritty crime drama set in present-day Mexico. For the uninitiated, the Johnny Wadd character and John Holmes himself were most recently the basis of Marc Wahlberg’s lead in “Boogie Nights” with Val Kilmer portraying Holmes as well in the film “Wonderland.”

Director, Bob Chinn said that he wrote the script for the first Johnny Wadd film on the back of an envelope. So, what would’ve Holmes and Chinn come up with if they had really shot for the moon with their script? What if they had to make people pay attention without showing them Holmes’ legendary 13 inches? They’d have done a hard boiled, tough as nails crime story with twists and turns and interesting characters, tough guys and sexy dames. They’d have done on film what we’ve done in this comic.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” is written by Tony Fleecs (In My Lifetime, Wonderlost, Li'l FireBreather), with art by Dave Wachter (Scar Tissue, The Guns of Shadow Valley), colors by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassain) and Separations by Joe Frazzetta.

Here are what some of comics finest have to say about Terminal Press’ newest book –

"Stop it! Stop complaining that comics aren't good enough. Stop moaning that all you can find is derivative genre garbage. Stop whining about the glut of moronic super-hero books and impenetrable shoe-gazer lit-comix . You're holding in your hands the tonic to all those ills. Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here is the cure you didn't even know you needed. This book makes clear once and for all that not only is Fleecs one of the most exciting young artists on the comic scene, but also one of its best new writers."

-Phil Hester, Writer of the Coffin, The Darkness, The Atheist and FireBreather. Artist of Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Ant Man, Marvel Teamup and Clerks amongst many others.

"Tony Fleecs is a rising star in comics, and with Wachter's able hands, you've got one of the best reads of the year."

-Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated Creator of Elk's Run and Punks the Comic, writer of Cyblade & Vampirella.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” will make its public debut at the 2009 New York Comic Con on February 6th at booth 2364 and is already available at The Limited Edition print run will only be available through and Terminal Press' convention appearances.