Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sketches from Appleseed Comic Con

It's been a few days since the show, but here are a few words about the first year of the newly named Appleseed Comic Con, in Fort Wayne, Indiana that I attended last Saturday. It was a fantastic show, and the area around my table was hopping most of the day. I didn't do as many sketches as last year, but more than made up for it with book and print sales.  In fact, I sold out of all the copies I brought of night of 1,000 Wolves! The man behind the con, well actually, right up front, was my friend Zack Kruse. He puts a ton of heart and effort into the show every year and it shows. On friday, some of us went to see the local minor league baseball team, the Tin Caps, trollop some guys from Michigan. The next morning was a hearty breakfast at the world's smallest diner. It's just a really great convention. I saw a bunch of friends I haven't seen in a year or more and met a bunch of folks for the first time. It was a fun, successful show and a great weekend. If you're anywhere near Fort Wayne Indiana next year, you should go.

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