Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sketches from Summit City Comic Con 2012

Wow, Summit City Comic Con was amazing! Coming out of Fort Wayne Indiana, and in only it's third year, the show grew by leaps and bounds. Over 100 artist tables and early estimates of twice the attendance of last year, and it must be true because the place has hopping all day. I did better business at this one day show than I've done at many three day shows. And it was a fantastic time. I got to see so many old friends that I don't get to see nearly enough. Not everybody was there, a few faces were not in attendance for one reason or another, and they were sorely missed. My pal Zack Kruse is the driving force behind this show, and he pulled it off masterfully. He made some strong efforts to get people through those doors and to make sure they had a good time. It showed, from the very first moments when the line stretched down the lobby, all the way to the final seconds when people were cramming to get in one last purchase or word of conversation. There was so much good energy at this show, everybody looked like they were having a blast. I know I did.

Here's some sketches from the show. The rest of my pics can be seen on my flickr and facebook.

The first is my contribution to a 12 Angry Men jam piece:

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