Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cool stuff! (including Neil Gaiman)

Here's some cool stuff I thought I'd post. First up, pics of how a couple of monster mini sketch buyers have chosen to display their purchases. This just gives me a good feeling, that they would put so much effort into displaying my work. Like I'm a real gosh fer darn artiste. They must actually like their sketches!

Second up: My buddies Chad and Heather Seewald, and Adam and Tracy Besenyodi went to a lecture given by Neil Gaiman in Cleveland a few months back. Chad had gotten a convention commission from me previously of the character Destiny from Gaiman's famed Sandman series. When they met Neil, Chad had him sign the sketch and Adam snapped this pic. I think that's pretty cool!


Craig Zablo said...

Cool idea for a post.

Oh, and you are a real gosh fer darn sure artiste... yer jest not a houghty-toughty one.

Unknown said...

I think it's a wonderful gesture that your fans sent you the pictures of how they displayed your work. More people should do that.