Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Guns of Shadow Valley - Chapter 2 has begun!

Some of you may have heard about my webcomic: The Guns of Shadow Valley. If you haven't, then I'm creating this here blog post to give you the lowdown and encourage you to maybe, y'know, check it out!

The Guns of Shadow Valley, or 'Guns', or GoSV, is a serialized adventure webcomic. It's a Western, but with a Superpowered twist. It's sort of like the Magnificent Seven meets the JLA, or if you're a Marvel fan, the Avengers, or the X-Men.

The official pitch:
"Somewhere in the mysterious Shadow Valley lies a secret that could forever change the face of the frontier. To protect that secret, a posse of gunmen with special abilities must come together and defend against a tribe of ghostly warriors, an advancing army led by a deranged Colonel, and the perils of the valley itself.

The Guns of Shadow Valley is an exciting new Western adventure series from the creators of Scar Tissue. Set in the 1870s in the Oklahoma Territories, Guns is a tale of intrigue and adventure that puts a new spin on the Old West."

New pages go up every Tuesday and Thursday at: gunsofshadowvalley.com The first chapter is already up and we've just started to post pages from chapter 2.

And as time goes on, we'll be adding more goodies for you to explore on the website. Check it out, it's totally free. If you like it, you can subscribe to the feed, leave a comment, become a Facebook fan, all that good stuff!

Thanks for your time, and we here at Guns really do appreciate the support!

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