Friday, September 25, 2009

$5 Monster Mini Sketch Sale!

In preparation for the monstrous goodness of Halloween, I'm having a monster sketch card sale! Your choice of monster, any monster, portrayed on a 4x6 card. All drawings are fully rendered b&w ink with ink wash. Monsters can from comics, movies, or tv, or wherever. They can be fangs, fur, bandages, or scales. This sale is for a limited time and limited quantities, so get them while you can!

"But I don't like monsters!" you say? No problem, you can still get a sketch card of any character you want for just $7.

Standard shipping is an additional $0.44.

Soon, I will add a PayPal button for convenience. Until then, you can email me with your order at:

Here's a few examples(these aren't all monsters, obviously):

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