Monday, April 27, 2009

For old time's sake: Ghost Pages

Here's a little history lesson for you. These were the first sequential pages I ever drew as an adult. Taken from a sample script of Ghost at the Dark Horse Comics website, I created these pages with the purpose of posting them on the internet and looking for gigs. 5 years ago. Come, cringe along with me.

I used a street in Chicago as reference for the scene. My old street, actually. It's in an industrial corridor where I once lived. The strict legality of that habitation was questionable. I did lots of research on the SUV as well.

That ridiculous pose she's in is actually taken from photo reference. You can guess what kind. The last two panels came out okay.
Some terrible cropping on this page.
That flashback doesn't come across in panel 2. The anatomy work is just terrible all around. I still have a hell of a time drawing hands.
That was actually not too bad. I like what I did with her cape in that last panel, even if her right arm and shoulder are monstrous.
Considering how slow they're driving, why didn't the old guy just get out of the way?
I like the layout of that first panel, aside from the leaning street. Panel 3 is total amateur, just awful. On panel 4, I remember spending a lot of time researching accident photos. I wanted it to look real. I think it came out pretty well.
The old guy still has a warm place in my heart.

Well, there they are folks. Hopefully, I've come a long way since then, about 5 years ago. I thought these were pretty keen when I did them.


Jim Clark said...

Hey, these pages aren't that bad. In fact, it was these pages what made me want to work with you on Scar Tissue.

Pat Loika said...

Not bad at all. You've certainly grown since those days. I can definitely see the advancement from then till now.

Andy Jewett said...

still shows you had a strong ability to tell a story... sure you're better know, you've figured some things out and the techniques have evolved but this is still good stuff man. My old drawings look like I was using my feet.

DaveWachter said...

You guys are a swell bunch of liars!