Saturday, September 13, 2008

CGS SuperShow 08 Wrap-Up

Last weekend(yes, it's taken me that long to post this!) I attended the CGS SuperShow, the first annual convention hosted by the fine fellas at the Comic Geek Speak podcast. I had a fantastic time at the show. It felt more like a geek class reunion than a comic convention. I saw old friends, made new friends, sold a bunch of books, did some sketches, and stayed out far too late.

Rather than bore you with an entire convention recap here's a link to my post on the CGS forums, highlighting some of my favorite moments. Also, I took a ton of pics, here's a link to the ones I posted on my flickr account.

A few pics, to whet the appetite:


Braxton Harrison said...

That Clayface looks great, Dave. The piece looks like it has real weight - and the distribution of it is spot on.


DaveWachter said...

Thanks! If I was forced to draw nothing but monsters, I'd never get bored.