Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Night of 1000 Wolves cover

Here is the cover art for issue 1 of Night of 1000 Wolves, a new project from writer Bobby Curnow and myself, published by IDW. The solicit is in the upcoming March edition of Previews for a release in May. The order code is MAR120377, so please consider pre-ordering it from your favorite comic book retail outlet. This is a creator owned book, and we really appreciate those pre-orders!

Here are the sketches leading up to this cover. As you can see, on some very wise advice I received, the final art was flipped to allow for a better flow.

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Christina S. Vrba said...

Well, you've got my attention, since I'm a huge fan of wolves and werewolves... though I do hope there may be a few good wolves in there somewhere! Called today to get my issue pulled.