Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monster Mini Sketches - The Final Batch

Here's the last of the Monster Mini Sketches. Plus, Green Arrow, the award for the winner of the second week of The Guns of Shadow Valley Comments Contest.

It was a lot of fun doing all these sketches and I really appreciate all of you who bought a mini sketch of your own. I may do this again sometime(though probably not at these prices!) And keep your eyes open for the Monster Minis Sketchbook, coming in 2010.


Unknown said...

That Stepford Wife is so adorable! Truly the image of homemaking perfection. I bet it's still not the most bizarre request you've had though. =)

Craig Zablo said...

I loved checking out all the different mini-sketch requests almost as much as getting my own mini-sketches!

DaveWachter said...

Thanks, Amber! You're right, I've had requests that were much more bizarre.

Thanks for all the comments on the mini sketches Craig! Maybe you'll get a chance to own your very own version of many of these, in convenient book form!